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St. Patrick’s Academy, young at heart and mind, has indeed made a steady stride in providing quality and holistic education to our children in a short span of time. At this time, we gratefully recall and acknowledge the dedication, immense contribution and hard work put in by our Pioneering Brothers who of course, strained every nerve to turn a longstanding dream and vision into reality, called St. Patrick’s Academy, Meerut.

The Patrician Brothers have been in the field of education for more than two centuries and therefore, all our schools foster total and integrated development of each student in his / her uniqueness so that he or she becomes intellectually alert, emotionally balanced to make a smart living, conscious of a call to build up the human community and caring for ecological harmony and thus making our school, a life - enhancing resource centre.

St. Patrick’s Academy, Meerut has made every attempt to put our philosophy of education into concrete action in line with emerging demands, trends in education and also the turbulent period our children live in.

“We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one’s own feet” – Swami Vivekananda.

“Education is the process by which a society deliberately transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills and values from one generation to another”.

These two maxims aptly sum up our philosophy of education. The school strives in keeping the above maxim in mind to form and produce integrated persons of high all round integrity, with a high sense of competency in all spheres of life; persons who are professionally involved, socially sensitive, and culturally erudite and enlightened ;persons of self confidence and self esteem with strong faith and trust in God.

We at St. Patrick’s Academy, Meerut endeavor to form and produce persons who are lifelong learners of ideas, truthful and just, creative and holistic in their approach to life.

We want our children to be of great vision and dreams, for their own personal growth and the strength of the entire society, culture and civilization, standing true to our motto – “For God and Country”.

We always strive to create an environment in the campus in which nourishing and affirming behavior are held supreme.

Harmful words and behavior are brought down to minimum. We encourage positive values and life affirming interactions that lead to healthy development of all.

St. Patrick’s Academy makes sincere effort to provide the children a taste of appreciation of higher achievements of humanity, the art forms, such as music, dance and drama, sports and athletics and inspirational biographies of the great achievers of the world, especially of those who have failed repeatedly or have faced great adversities but have eventually achieved great success on account of their tenacity and resiliency in diverse fields.

We make every effort to capture or record your children’s moment of success, creative actions, expressions and give due appreciation and recognition to their work. Their huge contributions are duly appreciated and recognized as well.

We have a committed and dedicated set of coordinators and experienced teachers who undertake rigorous scholastic programmers to provide efficient educational environment to the students.

We aspire to develop true Patricians who are knowledgeable, dignified, independent, caring, and trustworthy with a positive attitude towards life. A true Patrician is, true at heart and strong in the mind.

May the Light of Lord shine upon you all.

Bro. Anand Elias