St. Patrick’s Academy’s unique perspective to education provides opportunities for students to their full potential. We embrace a philosophy of preparing the students for the world and the challenges of the future. All our education is focused on the six major areas of learning-

  • About St. Patrick Academy Meerut
    The wide range of extra- curricular activities, General Morning Assemblies and stage acts develop independent expression, leadership and team work & encourage the students to become active learners with a strong sense of self.
  • Language/ Literary Development
    Specific days like English Week, Patriotic Week, Hindi Week with activities like Essay Writing, Debate, Quiz, Declamation, Extempore, English and Hindi Plays, etc. all allow the students to hone their language and literary skills.
  • Mental/ Logic Development
    Exploration, innovative problem solving and decision making are developed in the students through Olympiads, Quizzes, Competitions and regular class tests. Responsibilities given to the students here play a major role in the Mental/ Logic Development of the child.
  • Knowledge & understanding of the world
    Focus on general knowledge and current affairs assists the child in evolving a wider knowledge of the world around him/her. The curriculum also prepares the child for the challenges of daily life through new concepts and ideas in the lessons taught. Short trips outside the school provide the children an opportunity to know the world and learn from its experience.
  • Physical Development
    Regular P.T. classes that include indoor and outdoor games not only promote their physical development but also grows them mentally. The 3rd Annual Sports 2016 was a remarkable display of the sport and athletic talents of the children.
  • Creative Development
    A kaleidoscope of extra-curricular activities and craft works help the children to learn to bring forth their innate talents and creativity. For a creative mind is not only a healthy mind but also a channel of exhibiting our personality.