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St. Patrick
(The patron of the Patrician Brothers & The School)

A man was born near Mountrath, Co. Leix Ireland in 1747, a man with a vision by the name of Daniel Delany. He received his primary education at a local Hedge school. After his ecclesiastical studies in France he was ordained a priest in 1770. He returned to Ireland to pursue his priestly duties. He was later ordained Bishop on 31st August 1783.

This was the period of the penal days in Ireland when the Irish people suffered under the oppressive English rule. Poverty was rampant and life was miserable and difficult. The youth in Ireland suffered the most, receiving almost little or no education, and thus indulging in every kind of unsocial and unlawful activity. This pained the sensitive Bishop. He was in an intense agony to do something to uplift the youth and better their conditions. He spent long hours in prayer searching for a solution.

The answer came on 2nd February 1808 when he chose four good men from the Aloysian Society in the Parish where he worked and formed, the congregation of the Brothers of Saint Patrick to work for the education and betterment of the youth.

The congregation of the Brothers of Saint Patrick whose General House is at the Tullow Co. Carlow, Ireland has as its apostolic objective the service of the needy, especially by way of Christian education. There were four Patrician Brothers who first stepped on to Indian soil way back in 1875. The roots of the Patrician tree adapted well to Indian conditions and soon started spreading and growing.

Bishop Daniel Delany
(The Founder of the Patrician Brothers)