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Health and Safety

Your children are supervised at all the times during the day. Minor accidents are always dealt with immediately. If emergencies arise we make every effort to contact you on the numbers you have provided on your child's admission form. Should this prove impossible the school will act in the best interest of the child.

Children are allowed to leave the school premises only with the written request from the parents / guardians and the relevant permission from the school authorities.

Please do not attempt to drive into the school premises during school hours. It is a traffic free zone. There is ample car parking specified inside the school.

A. Emergencies

When a child starts school, parents are asked to complete a form which allows them to give details of allergies or relevant medical conditions of which the school ought to be aware, together with a request for the telephone number of someone who may be contacted in the event of an emergency should be parents be unavailable. It is essential that this form is fully completed if the welfare of each pupil is to effectively provided for. All forms are regarded as confidential and information is kept on a computer database. You must make every effort to keep this up to date. In case where professional medical treatment is considered necessary after an incident at school, and it is not possible to contact parents, then the child may be taken directly to either the local health centre or the hospital by a member of staff. The child’s parents will, of course, be informed of the situation as soon as possible.

If a child is taking regular medication (e.g. asthmatic inhalers etc.), the class teacher must be informed and the medicine must be kept by a member of staff in a safe place away from the reach of other pupils i.e. not left in cloakroom areas, desks or trays. When, after illness, a child returns to school requiring daily dosages to complete a course of prescribed medication, arrangements must be made to administer these. Teachers are not allowed, by law, to administer medicine.

The school will take normal care of the child in school premises. You are admitting your child solely for educational purpose and school will render educational service only and not any other service. The school will not be responsible for anything whatsoever happens and cannot claim any compensation in respect of your ward if something untoward happens to your child.

B. Medicines in school

All Medicines, ointments and inhalers must be clearly labeled with the child’s name and the dose. We don’t want to give the wrong medicine to your child. A form is available from the office that needs to be signed by a parent / guardian and on which we ask you to provide full instructions for the administration of any medicine.

Medicines must be handed into the school office each morning and collected when needed. Any child who becomes ill in school will be cared for and comforted until you can be contacted. Please make sure that the school has your telephone number as well as a second contact number in case of an emergency.

C. Medical Care

The Health Authority gives all children vision, hearing and dental tests. Selected children may undergo a more detailed medical examination and those with hearing problems will have further aural tests. Parents have the right to be present at a full medical examination and to refuse dental treatment for their child if they wish to do so.