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  • A proper channel has to be followed in terms of meeting the class teacher. Prior permission has to be obtained from the coordinators for the same.
  • The school Diary needs to be sent everyday to school as it is the appropriate means of communication between Parents and Teachers.
  • Diary slips must be filled and submitted within a week.
  • Please check the Diary everyday for messages from the school.
  • Your ward must be regular in attendance and never be late to school.
  • The Timetable must be followed properly.
  • The outlook of a student is reflected in his attire. Make sure your ward comes well dressed to school everyday.
  • All notebooks and books must be covered properly in cellophane with proper name slips.
  • Kindly avoid junk food and send a healthy lunch box with a balance of vegetables and fruits. Every child must bring along a table mat and a napkin everyday.
  • For the all round development of your child, kindly permit him/her to participate in extra-curricular activities.
  • The P.T. uniform is to be worn on P.T. days as per Class Time-table.


  • Seating arrangement is based on rotation, kindly do not request favours.
  • Kindly do not disturb the class during school hours, specific days have been allotted to meet the teachers and complete your ward’s pending work.
  • Friday- L.K.G. and U.K.G. AFTER 11 AM Saturday- Classes I to VI AFTER 11 AM
  • Every child has different talents and capabilities, kindly do not pressurize the teacher concerned for favours regarding extra-curricular activities.
  • Half- days are not permitted. Kindly do not request for the same unless in case of urgency.
  • Kindly do not take the timings allotted for occasions for granted and follow said times for PTMs and pick up hours mentioned.
  • Do not permit your ward to carry any gadgets such as mobile phones, calculators, wrist watches, etc. In case found on the child, they will be confiscated.
  • Please do not send your child to school if he/she is sick.
  • Do not call for Bus/Accounts queries after school hours.